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 The plastic bag is a general term for plastic bags, including plastic materials for the face, plastic for the suitcase, small handbags, etc.; plastic materials for the face of the handbag; plastic materials for the face in the pocket or handbag Items inside; other similar containers made of plastic sheet material.

    The luggage has two connotations of practicality and decoration, covering all aspects of people's work and life. Bags can be divided into four categories according to their purposes:

    1, business bags. Mainly in people's work and business scenarios, such as computer bags, briefcases, etc.;

    2, travel luggage. Mainly including trolley luggage, travel backpacks, etc.;

    3, leisure luggage. Mainly used for daily life or outdoor leisure, such as backpacks, ladies bags, wallets, outdoor sports bags, beach bags and so on.

    4. Other uses. Mainly for some special purpose bags, such as camera bags, cosmetic cases, medical bags and so on. Business bags, travel bags, and leisure bags together form the baggage market.

    In 2017, China's plastic luggage industry sales revenue was about 207.304 billion yuan, the import value was about 3.353 billion yuan, the export value was about 107.575 billion yuan, and the domestic plastic luggage industry sales market was about 103.82 billion yuan.

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