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In recent years leather products purchase has increased exponentially. The growing demand for fashionable handbags, top quality leather wallets, and other accessories has influenced the overall industry expansion. The leather items market forecasts a record CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 6.2% in 2020-2025. 

Leather items popularity comes from their qualities, such as dustproof, fireproof, crack-proof, and durability, which make them, in most cases, the first choice as material. Under this premise, China is one of the major players in this sector. Especially, the Huadu District near Guangzhou (Guangdong province in the south of China) is a thriving ground for high-quality leather mass production.

In this article, we will introduce you to a new opportunity for your business in Huadu District

Made in Huadu: The Chinese Capital of Leather Products

About the Shiling

Located not far from the Huadu District, the industrial area of Shiling is considered to be the ""Chinese Capital of Leather Products." Covering an area of 136.31 square kilometers, with 300 thousand inhabitants, Shiling is an ideal location for business. The town is one of Guangzhou's main satellites, which includes the developing economic zone and the sub-center of Huadu. 

Shiling has a unique advantage because of its geographical position. Situated in the northwest of Huadu District, next to Qingyuan City, Shiling is just 15 kilometers away from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and Huadu Port. There are two highways, the Guangzhou-Qingyuan highway, the Zhaoqing-Huadu highway, three railways, the Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Wuhan-Guangzhou railway, and Guangzhou-Qingyuan railway connected with the city hub. The strategic position makes logistics convenient, and the town is efficiently integrated into the region's vast transportation network.

Other than an ideal business place, the town offers a welcoming environment for living. Seamlessly in harmony with the surrounding nature, people here are enjoying a happy life. Besides, the city is renowned for its historical sightseeing: the Provincial Level Lotus Screen Resort, Temple of Emperor Pangu, and Huayan Temple. In the past, Shiling has been awarded by the government with the honorary title of the Chinese Capital of Leather Products and it is regarded as the "China Leather Products Export Base."

The "Made in Huadu" Project 

As the main industry in Huadu District, Huadu Shiling Leather Association has become an industrial agglomeration that combines manufacturing, product design, and R & D with supply chain management.

With more than 40 years of development history, Huadu Shiling Leather Association is supported directly by the local government. The product category includes all types of leather items ranging from trendy bags, backpacks, wallets & purses, suitcases, and various accessories.

To this date, the annual output of leather production has reached 7 million pieces. Nearly 20000 sales networks were established by major enterprises, exporting goods to more than 136 countries and regions worldwide. 

In Shiling, we can find the world's largest raw materials distributing markets, leather goods exhibition centers and industrial parks, over 8000 local and international manufacturers, over 24000 individual businesses, and about 300 000 employed workers.

If these numbers were not enough, the secret behind Shiling is the Leather Industrial Research Center. To ensure the highest standards, many organizations have established their headquarters in Shiling. We can find the TBT Research Base, Leather Electronic Trade Center, six industrial chambers, and associations in the industrial area. 

Overall, there are more than 2600 self-owned brands and over 4400 registered trademarks. Some of the well-known brands are: BESMART, CEFIRO, TT, CHAOKUPAIAOKING, VGOAL, GUSSIO, ONEPOLAR, and many international brands, such as MONTAGUT, DUNHILL, GOLDLION.

Made in Huadu: The Chinese Capital of Leather Products


For the international distributors, agents, and consumers, the Huadu Shiling Leather Association offers a unique opportunity. Here, you can find a one-stop solution for high-quality craftmanship of affordable leather goods. To have further information about leather products, you are welcome to visit our website.

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