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Best 6 Ideas for Trendy Leather Bags


With life improvements, people's product consumption variety is becoming more abundant. At the same time, it is necessary to pursue a higher quality of life. For women, what can beat an elegant leather bag? To make ourselves stand out, we need to invest in our appearance, clothes, and accessories. What is trendy today, you may ask? The answer is leather accessories.



Trendy ideas for leather bags


Elegance and dignity may gain your satisfaction in your life. For this reason, choosing the right accessories is incredibly crucial. Items made of genuine leather, such as leather belts and bags, always play a decisive role.


Sometimes though, it is not easy to pick the right product that matches the customer's taste and style. Someone may ask, what is the genuine leather bag that we often talk about? What types are there? Don't worry. I will introduce you to 6 leather bag categories so that you can have a better idea of what to buy next.


As the name implies, a leather bag is a bag made from animal fur that has been dried and degreasing. Generally, there are several common types of leather on the market: cowhide, sheepskin, deerskin, crocodile skin, horse skin, and snakeskin, each of which has different characteristics and prices.



  1. Cowhide bag


Typically, we see most cowhide bags on the market, and they come in many styles and colors. Cow leather has small pores, generally round, uniform, and tightly distributed; its surface is bright and smooth; its thickness is plump and delicate; its appearance is soft and moist. It has good air and high moisture permeability, fine and well-distributed pores. The mastoid is gentle and the grain side is smooth. This is usually the top pick.


  1. Sheepskin bag


The salient feature of sheepskin is that the pores on the grain side are deep within the leather. The pores are clear, and several pieces are arranged in a group like scales or jagged. The pattern features are like "water ripples". Sheepskin is light, thin, soft, with a natural luster, and elastic. But its strength is not as resistance as cowhide and pigskin. Sheepskin can be made into bags of various styles and shapes. Although its color is not as rich as cowhide, the texture is definitely better. If you want to pursue the bag's quality, you can give priority to the sheepskin bag.


  1. Deerskin bag


Deerskin bags are usually soft, beautiful, lightweight, water-resistant, and also high-temperature resistance (up to 120 degrees). Compared with the two skin types above, deerskin will be of higher grade, but it is easily scratched and not suitable for hard rubbing and twisting. The surface of the velvet has superfine synthetic fiber that is easy to be heated and melted. Thus, it always needs careful maintenance, which may not be suitable for ladies who do not want any troubles.


  1. Crocodile leather bag


The beauty of the crocodile leather bag lies in its natural checkered pattern. Although it lacks elasticity, it is very burlier. As long as the crocodile leather products are properly maintained, they will become brighter and more flexible. It is quite challenging to obtain, dye, and produce crocodile leather. Therefore, crocodile leather bags are considered as "platinum leather" and are extremely expensive and regarded as a luxury item. Crocodile leather also has its own natural and exclusive texture, with an irregular, uneven feel. Generally, it is not the right match for too complicated styles. Moreover, this type of bag is more appropriate for relatively older people.



  1. Horse leather bag


The front of horse skin is thin, and the fibers are loosely woven. The leather made of it is small and soft, with a flat grain. The back of the horse's skin is thick, and the fibers are tightly woven. The leather bag fibers are wear-resistant and waterproof, which can be used for special waterproof shoes' upper and bottom leather. As the nipple layer has fine collagen fibers, the tightness of weaving is not as good as that of cowhide leather. There are not many horse leather bags, and most of them are used as leather shoes. Although they are compact, they are too thick. So for you ladies out there, it is not recommended to buy this kind of leather bag.


  1. Snakeskin bag


The backside is silver-gray, shiny, with diamond-shaped or oval scales. There is a row of horizontally long oval scales on the ventral surface. The inner surface is smooth and shiny. Light and soft, easily broken. The most significant feature is its unique texture, giving people a strong visual impact and a wild exotic taste, which is very suitable for people who pursue particular dressing personalities.


We hope that this information was helpful for the next time you are buying a leather bag. If you want to know more about leather bags, please visit our website. Made in Huadu offers a wide range of genuine leather products made in the most extensive leather manufacturing area in the world. Contact us!


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