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How to Wash Genuine Leather Products


If you are a bit careless like me, you probably had your clothes and thing dirty a couple of times. Above the many annoying things, getting my leather jacket clean from those stains is the worst. What to do if it happens? You can call your parents for help or Google. Well, you can just read this marvelous piece of content.


In this article, I will reveal some of the secrets to taking care of the dirty genuine leather product. Let's have a look.


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Both leather jackets and leather bags cannot be washed in the washing machine: real leather is very delicate, and continuous contact with the drum, even with delicate programs, would cause serious damage to the fabric.


Only the most recent washing machines, which have a delicate wash, are comparable with hand washing. Even in this case, the result is not always guaranteed. However, if you are brave enough, you can try washing leather jackets. Under no circumstances should you try with leather shoes, leather belts, or leather bags.


Whether you wash it by hand or in the washing machine, the leather needs to use a specific detergent. Common detergents are too alkaline. They have a pH that is too high for the skin. Even eco-leather tolerates common laundry detergents poorly.


How to wash genuine leather


Whether it is a leather bag or a jacket, make sure you:


Read the garment label and wash it in the washing machine only if the label allows it. Wash by hand or with an extremely delicate washing machine program. Common laundry detergents end up cracking the skin or deteriorating it. There are also products to clean bags and leather jackets and conditioners to soften their surface to prevent cracking, also useful for genuine leather car interiors.


Keep in mind that some soaps are suitable for dry cleaning or work as a conditioner to soften and moisturize your leather jackets!


Whether it's a leather bag or trousers, when washing, never rub the fabric! Even if there is a stain, it is important not to rub!


If it is a simple bag, wipe with a damp cloth well wrung out with a specific product. If it is a leather jacket or trousers, immerse the garment completely in the water: if the problem is the bad smells though, soda or olive oil are not good remedies, as reported by some websites…. To eliminate the smell of smoke from a leather jacket or the bad smell of sweat, when simple water is not enough, you can add a couple of white wine vinegar glasses.


Vinegar is great for cleaning the skin and eliminating bad odors. It is also extremely volatile, so if you let the garment dry in a well-ventilated place, even the vinegar smell will disappear within a few hours.


Remember that jackets, trousers, and other leather garments must be washed in reverse (outside-out). After washing, place the leather jacket (or trousers) on a dry towel and roll the towel upon itself to wring the garment without exerting direct friction. The skin tends to wear out easily.


Once the superfluous water has been removed, lay the garment on a hanger, ensuring that the lower edges do not deform. Generally, the weight of the water deforms the garment, so once the water in excess is removed, it will be easier to dry!


Let the skin dry in a temperate, ventilated, and bright place. Avoid direct sun. Also, do not dry the leather on radiators or direct sources of heat to deform the leather or damage it.



Here you go, some precious advice about cleaning a genuine leather product. Did you know that one of the largest areas of leather manufacturing is in Asia? Huadu in the Canton province has the world's biggest district of genuine leather production. Besides the mild climate and beautiful, welcoming Chinese town, it is a great business opportunity. Huadu is the rendezvous point for supplier and leather product manufacturers. To have further information, check here.



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