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The operation status of the luggage store is closely related to the positioning of the goods and the sight of the purchase. To be a good luggage store, in addition to good sales methods, the key point is to "understand" the purchase.

This "understand" word contains a lot of content, not only to know the location of the purchase, the price level of each wholesale market and the customer base, but also to understand the preferences of the customer group, the body characteristics, and more importantly If you want to sell goods, you have to train a pair of eyes to choose the goods. This kind of experience requires the accumulation of time and experience, and it takes at least three years to reach the realm of perfection.

It is necessary to be marketable and appropriate for the purchase of luggage, which is referred to as “double fit”, which is the key to the business. Operating bags, both marketable and appropriate, but it is difficult to grasp the "quasi". Many investors who opened the store for the first time had a big loss in the priority purchase because they were not sure. Some people even laughed and said: The priority delivery of the unpacking store will be backlogged, so it is good to give priority to less goods. Let's take a few examples to analyze it a bit. In view of its limited level, I hope that more business people can make more comments.

Lost in purchase

On the purchase, Miss A planted the first priority. Before the priority bags were purchased, she carefully analyzed the goods sold by the surrounding counterparts and found that most of their goods were imported from local foreign trade factories and wholesale markets. In order to show their own goods, they were different from them. Miss A Decided to find some more distinctive sources of supply. She saw a lot of people on the Internet who are very respectful of the wholesale of foreign trade bags in Hangzhou. So during the renovation of the shop, I went far and went to the wholesale market of Jiuxing and Zhongxing in Hangzhou. It’s hard to say that after the boat’s hard work, she arrived in Hangzhou and found that many wholesalers heard that she came from Shenzhen and looked at her with a strange look. When she returned to Shenzhen with 15,000 yuan of goods, after more than a month of operation, she slowly discovered that these goods were in the wholesale market in Shenzhen, and the low price was half lower than her purchase price. Miss A realized that she was observing Jinshan to eat, and there was a wholesale market around her, but she was negligently neglected by her.

What is more troublesome for her is not this. Commodities are expensive, but as long as they can be sold, they are less profitable. There is not much problem, but what is worse is that she did not carefully understand the physical characteristics of nearby consumers before she gave priority to the delivery of goods. Into the shirt or pants, the size is too small. There are a lot of guests in the store, and many of them are attracted by beautiful decoration, but most of them are customers over 30 years old. They are full-bodied, and the size of Ai Tongjin is for them. They are all too small. Only two or three hundred yuan of turnover per day can be achieved. Because the store rent is lower, Ai Tong does not lose money, but the clerk she hired said that according to the traffic after the opening, if the size of the clothes in the store is appropriate, one day can be reached. 1000 yuan of water. Ai Tong knows that he has fallen into the maze of purchase. Gradually, I saw that the priority delivery was not right, not only the size was not suitable, but the style was not right. The shop's guests are mostly women over the age of 30. Most of them like casual style, while Miss A gives priority to the purchase of shirts. It is more orthodox and suitable for working people. It is not suitable for her customer base. 

The operators of the luggage store will face various confusions when they purchase the goods. For example, should they choose their favorite styles, stick to their own tastes, or should they choose more fashionable products? Is it a recommendation from a wholesaler to sell a certain style? I only choose my favorite colors? Is it in the nearby wholesale market, or is it in the market that seems to be more famous in the field? These problems, from the beginning of the opening, always test the investors of the store, they seem to have gotten into a very The big maze, every exit seems to have hope, and each exit seems to be awkward.

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