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huadu Introduction


As one of the first central towns in Guangzhou Municipality and Guangdong Province,Shiling lives up to the reputation of being the Chinese Capital of Leather Products. Covering an area of 136.31 square kilometers, Shiling has a population of 300 thousands, including 58 thousands registered residents. As the northern gate of Guangzhou, aiming at developing into Guangzhou’s satellite town featured on characteristic industry, and sub-center of Huadu District, Shiling town is endeavoring to build into a commercial and livable city of prosperity, harmony and happiness.

Convenient Transportation  

Shiling has its unique geographic strength. Located in the northwest of Huadu District, next to Qingyuan City, Shiling is 15 kilometers apart from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and Huadu Port. Including 2 highways, Guangzhou-Qingyuan highway, Zhaoqing-Huadu highway, 3 railways, Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Wuhan-Guangzhou railway and Guangzhou-Qingyuan railway, and Shanqian Tourist Road, Furong Road, Pingbu Road and other main roads throughout the town, Shiling serves as an important national transportation hub in “the northern gate” of Guangzhou and south-north land way transportation.

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Livable city

There are many luxury communities inside Shiling such as Agile property, China Southern Airline Garden, Jinbi Yushui Villa and Yabao New City, and serval public parks, such as Shishan Park and Yishan. People here are living in a happy and harmonious life.

History and Nature

Shilling is honored as the backyard of Guangzhou because of its beautiful environment and some famous scenic spots, such as the Provincial Level Lotus Screen Resort, Temple of Emperor Pangu and Huayan Temple.

Awards for Shiling Town

Shiling has been successively awarded the honorary titles of the Chinese Capital of Leather Products, National Foreign Trade Transformation Upgrading Demonstration Base, China Leather Products Export Base, China Professional Market Demonstration Town, International Purchasing Center of Guangdong Leather Goods Raw Materials, and China Pangu Emperor Culture Village, etc.

Leather Industry

As the most important characteristic industry in Huadu District, Shiling leather industry has become one of the earliest industries featured on the highest agglomeration and the most perfect industry chain.

Through more than 40 years development, Shiling has established the largest raw materials distributing markets, leather goods exhibition centers and industrial parks, over 8000 productive enterprises, over 24000 individual business and about 300 000 employed persons. The annual output of leather goods has reached 7 million, nearly 20 000 sales networks established by major enterprises. The leather products have been sold to 136 countries and regions. There are more than 20 industrial technology service platforms in Shiling, represented by the first Leather Industrial Research Center, National Quality Supervision&Inspection Center for Leather (Guangzhou), Leather Industry Post-doctoral Research Workstation, TBT Research Base, Leather Electronic Trade Center, 6 industrial chambers and associations, more than 2600 self-owned brands and over 4400 registered trademarks. Lots of world famous local brands, such as BESMART, CEFIRO, TT, CHAOKUPAI、AOKING, VGOAL, GUSSIO, ONEPOLAR, and many international brands, such as MONTAGUT, DUNHILL, GOLDLION are gathered here.

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