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Careful luggage manufacturers should be able to feel that the luggage industry has quietly changed since 2016, and the proportion of sales in the entire luggage industry continues to increase. Why? It is fundamentally the rapid improvement of the Chinese people’s spending power. Coupled with the Chinese people’s money, they began to pursue poetry and distance. Travel has become a big hobby. How can a travel that goes on the road be a favorite travel bag? And thus got a development. Jingwei Technology has been deeply immersed in the intelligent cutting of the luggage industry , and has always maintained a high degree of attention to the development trend of the industry. Let us deeply observe the development trend of the luggage industry.

The first to notice this trend is the companies in the industry. Earlier this year, Samsonite acquired Tumi, a luxury luggage brand, for $1.8 billion. Then in October, the luxury goods group LVMH bought an 80% stake in the German luggage brand Rimowa. These two acquisitions have made the new layout of the fashion industry clearer, and travel bags will become the next fashionable investment hotspot.

The heat of capital has revived many of the old luggage brands that were once not well known. Many media outlets have taken stocks of good quality but relatively low-key brands such as Victorinox, Lipault, Briggs & Riley, Delsey, Hartmann and others. At the same time, the industry has also attracted many entrepreneurs to enter.

New York brand Away is a smart luggage brand. It received $2.5 million in seed round financing in 2015 and recently received $8.5 million in Series A financing. Away claims that its business model is profitable by eliminating intermediate links. The product is priced at around $200 and comes with an app, charging device and location tracking.

Away's entry into the market is precisely the right time, and its co-founder and CEO Steph Korey told Fashionista: "If you think about what kind of people's travels are 5 or 10 years ago, it's hard to imagine what's actually, but that's just Look at hotel websites, travel magazines, etc. But with the advent of Instagram and other social media, travel experiences have become visual."

Like Away, today's new bags and bags are more focused on thinking from a fashion perspective. Brands such as Smart Bag Raden, Print Bag Calpak, and Canvas Bag Paravel all put aesthetics and functionality at the same level. In order to achieve market differentiation, Australian luggage brand Crumpler recently invented transparent bags, which is obviously not so practical, but it is indeed innovative from the fashion, after all, everyone put in things will have very personalized bags Image.

This is also the best excuse to encourage young people to change their suitcases. This part of the population is also the core target group of suitcases. According to Forbes, the travel consumption of young people has increased by 30% since 2007.

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