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Best 5 Tips for Judging the Genuine Leather Quality


When we are talking about genuine leather, we are talking about precious material. However, the leather we find in most shops is not always of top quality. As for genuine leather, there are many varieties and types. It has happened to everyone, several times, to find themselves buying an accessory or a leather garment. Besides the "brand factor," which undoubtedly has a great influence on our shopping habits, the quality is the other main element to consider together with the price before our purchase.


The quality of leather lies in the treatments or processes, and of course, the raw materials. Therefore, it is important to be able to recognize if the material is high level by yourself to not fall into scams. Here are five basic tricks suggested by industry experts to know if the genuine leather is as good as you believe. Let’s us take a look.


Look carefully at the leather surface


This step may seem obvious, but it is essential to carefully examine each piece of leather you are about to purchase. Pay close attention to leather that has been painted, or the one that smells like vinyl glue. Also, if possible, pull it lightly and fold it in your hands to understand its resistance. High-quality leather is heavier than the others due to its high fiber density. Remember that the top-quality leather is the first layer of the animal skin.


Check all leather seams


After checking the material, we move on to the seams. The hand stitching is stronger and more aesthetically appealing than the machine stitch. Following this technique, the craftsman uses two blunt needles connected to a single thread. While sewing, pass two needles through the same hole to create a tight and strong knot. Machine sewing, on the other hand, undoubtedly happens faster but is less resistant. 


Check the edges of the real leather


The edges of the leather must be polished and burnished. This step creates a shield that protects the material from all external elements, which could damage it. Also, if the edges are not browned properly, moisture could penetrate and cause them to rot. If the edges, made with several layers of leather, look like one, it means that the leather's quality is very high. In fact, this step is very difficult to carry out, and only experienced artisans are able to do it.



Pay attention to the cut of the leather


The genuine leather must be cut following the "grain direction". For example, a leather wallet must be cut so that there is the least amount of stiffness in the places of greater stress. Otherwise, over time, the accessory will present unnecessary creases. A skilled craftsman also knows how to cut the leather in order to avoid blemishes or scars. Furthermore, the hide comes from an animal's coat, which may have been marked by flea bites, or cuts, or even fat deposits. An expert must be able to cut the real leather in order to avoid making garments with these parts.



Pay attention to the thread of the genuine leather


Finally, it is important to use high-quality thread when sewing two cuts of leather together. Linen threads are the most used: they are more resistant than nylon threads and have a lot of flexibility. Therefore, before buying your next leather bag or accessory, our advice is to examine the quality of the product.


Hopefully, this brief article could provide you with some tips to tell the difference between poor and good quality genuine leather. To know more information about leather products and business opportunities, come to visit our website.


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