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4 Top Classic Genuine Leather Shoes Models


Today we will talk about genuine leather footwear. The types of footwear existing in the world are countless. For example, did you know that men's shoes with buckles are called "Monk Straps"?


Let's go to the discovery of the types of shoes for men in genuine leather. We will introduce to you their history and their peculiar characteristics. Let us have a look.




moccasin leather shoes


Born among the North American Indians with a very flexible sole, the moccasin is a rather informal, soft, and light shoe. Today there are many different types of moccasins. The American version, the "College," dates back to the 1920s. When lovers of the traditional lace-up shoe find encountered the moccasin, they thought it was a house shoe worn by mistake outside. In a short time, the shoe became very popular and not only among students. Fred Astaire promotes the moccasin by adopting the footwear for tap dancing. The most valuable model is welt-stitched loafer. The welt-stitched loafer is a particular hand stitching in which a thin strip of leather is applied externally between the upper part of the shoe and the sole. The unlined one, instead of the penny loafer, in black or burgundy, has remained unchanged since its debut. What are its origins? It comes from the practice of Ivy League students, in the 1960s, of hiding a penny in their tongue.


After the Second World War, Italian shoemakers were inspired by the new American shoe to create a new men's model, much more suited to the new line of Italian tailoring, especially for light summer clothes. In the last twenty years, designers and manufacturers have revisited classic moccasins' model and re-proposed it in new shapes. With heels and fringes, with imaginative variations on fabrics, many different decorations were added, from synthetic ones to python leather. Thus, the moccasin has become an emblem of casual and informal fashion and elegance, class, good taste, and refinement of men.




derby leather shoes


The Derbies are named after a Prussian general, Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, who wanted them for his army. Later, armies from all over Europe wore them, and around 1850 they became very fashionable as men's sports shoes. The cuffs are sewn over the vamp, which forms a single body with the tongue. The Derby can be made in both the smooth and the decorated version and, depending on the choice, can be adapted to elegant or sporty occasions. Q Derby shoes, however, typically have a sportier tone. There is also a Derby variant without strings, with a very elegant side buckle fastening. A characteristic feature of the Derby shoe is the open lacing. The different variations range from two to five buttonholes. The classic Derby is offered with a smooth front grille, a perforated and straight semi-brogue version, and a full-brogue version with cuffs. Ultimately, the Derby model is ideal for lovers of wide-fitting footwear. 




monk straps leather shoes


According to some sources, the origin of monk straps (i.e., shoes with buckles) can be traced back to the shoes worn by horsemen in the eighteenth century. In fact, riding boots often possessed buckles through which the spurs were fixed to the shoe. This accessory would thus become part of the design of the shoes. From here, over time, it has become a characterizing element of classic men's models. The monk straps are an original middle ground between the formal lace-up shoe and the sportier moccasin. It is advisable to wear them with tight-fitting trousers. Precisely because of their harmony with dry lines, shoes with buckles have made a great comeback in recent years, especially in their double buckle variant.





They come from the oxonian, a short boot with side openings in vogue at the University of Oxford. They vary in ornamental processing on the tip with small holes, curved seams, sometimes even fringes. The Oxford is the classic men's shoe characterized by a closed lacing. This means that the cuffs are sewn under the vamp and close over a strip of leather under the lacing itself. This type of closure, giving the foot a more collected look, is considered very elegant. Every man should have a pair in his wardrobe for formal occasions and celebrations.




We hope that this information was helpful for the next time you are looking for a pair of leather shoes. If you want to know more about trendy and classic leather shoes, please visit our website. Made in Huadu offers a wide range of genuine leather products made in the world's most extensive leather manufacturing area. Contact us!


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